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Published On November 8, 2013 | Fraudulent Companies

Fraudulent Company Warning!

Click Here For HelpStrategic Private Equity LLC

Address: 103E 29th Street, New York, NY 10016
Tel: +1 212 901 0660

Strategic Private Equity LLC has been flagged as a fraudulent company, we believe that they might not be who they say they are, we post alerts to warn the public about possible harmful activity in progress to help reach people who may be affected, so if you would like to assist us in investigating them we welcome your help, please send us any information you have about this company so that we can build a case against them & take them down. If you’ve been approached by this company or even bought investments from them then please contact us immediately using the Contact Us form.


REMEMBER: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!

Many scams originate overseas & take place over the internet, making them very difficult to track down and prosecute, so if you lose money to a scam, it is important to make sure that you do everything within your power to try & recover your money & bring the criminals in question to justice so they can’t take advantage of other people.

If you have come across this site, it’s probably because you have been approached by a company offering you an investment opportunity & you are not sure if it is a real or not.

We provide the following services absolutely FREE.

We  help you perform Due Diligence on an investment or an investment company before you say yes.

We help  by Investigating The Company that you are in contact with. We will tell you whether it is real or not.

If you have been contacted by a company & you have already sent them money, but now you suspect the company is fraudulent, we can use the web to warn other people about the scam.

Submit a report now!


Why You Should Contact Us

It is FREE it doesn’t cost you a penny.

The more information we can get on a company the quicker we can Get The Website Taken Down & the quicker we can stop the fraud. Don’t you wish someone had warned you?

The more information you provide the more likely we are to be able to track the fraudsters and put them out of business.

If we have enough people providing us with information, we might be able to secure a lawyer to work pro bono, they will Investigate The Company & file criminal charges for you for free. They only get paid if they are successful in securing a result on your behalf – so it doesn’t cost you anything to try.

We do not & will not ask you for any money at any time. However, because the service is free we do ask that you give us time to get back to you because we receive many requests each day.

It takes an average of about four calls from the scammers before people Contact Us, the sooner you do the less likely you are to be defrauded for even more money.

Did I mention this service is FREE! It could save you a lot more money & wasted time.

Submit a report now!

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